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Job Vacancies

Title Date published Locations Business units
2024 - Assistant Executive Housekeeper - Hotel Rosa Grand, Milano 5/22/2024 Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/Housekeeping Department.
Guest Service Agent - Milano 5/22/2024 Anderson - Milano; Business Palace - Milano; Echo - Milano; Ritz - Milano; Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/Front House Department.
Guest Service Agent - Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace - Trieste 5/22/2024 Savoia Excelsior - Trieste Alberghi/Front House Department.
Manutentore - Hotel Rosa Grand, Milano 5/21/2024 Rosa Grand - Milano Alberghi/Repair & Maintenance Department.
Guest Service Agent - Hotel Grand Milan, Saronno 5/21/2024 Grand Milan - Saronno Alberghi/Front House Department.
Front House Manager - Hotel Du Parc, Parma 5/21/2024 Du Parc - Parma Alberghi/Front House Department.
Booking Agent - Headoffice, Florence 5/21/2024 Sede Centrale - Firenze Sede/Reservation Center
ESG Manager - Sede, Firenze 5/20/2024 Sede Centrale - Firenze Sede
Rooms Division Manager - Hotel Business Palace, Milano 5/17/2024 Business Palace - Milano Alberghi/Rooms Division Department
Guest Service Agent (Turnante) - Hotel Excelsior, Bologna 5/17/2024 Excelsior - Bologna Alberghi/Front House Department.

Please be advised that Starhotels selects and hires personnel directly and does not utilize any external hiring agencies both in Italy and abroad. Therefore, we encourage you to disregard any employment offer presented to you by unauthorized parties.


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